Expectations for completing a course via RTR

  • You are responsible for recording and remembering the date and time of your scheduled session. All sessions start on time. You are expected to log in 20 minutes in advance of the start time. You will not be allowed in to the session if you log in after the scheduled start time.

  • You are responsible for ensuring your equipment functions properly on the day of the session.  If you are unable to fully participate in the session, you will be asked to leave the session, resolve the equipment issues, and re-register for the course.
  • You are responsible for having easy access (either hard or soft copy) to all course materials so that you may fully participate during class. If you do not have easy access to the course materials, you may not be able to complete the course and may be asked to leave and re-register for the course.
  • We ask that you participate fully in the collective learning and give the session your undivided attention. Plan ahead and do not schedule appointments on the day of your session. Restrict the use of mobile devices and e-mail to the scheduled breaks.
  • To prevent disruptions during the session, we strongly recommend that you connect your Ethernet/network cable directly to your internet hub/router/modem and that you disable your wireless connection (Wi-Fi) prior to logging in to your session.
  • You must be physically present in front of your computer for the entire session to receive credit for the course.
  • The Council supports respectful classroom environments. Any member who is disrespectful to the Instructor and/or other members will be asked to immediately leave the session.