IPP Accreditation

The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (The Council) regulates the immigration consulting profession and safeguards consumer interests in Canada and abroad.

As part of its mandate, the Council accredits immigration practitioner programs (IPPs) across Canada. To this end, the Council has developed National Education Standards to assist education providers in meeting the requirements for accreditation. These standards are intended to ensure that a clear, consistent, national process is adhered to by every education provider administering an IPP.

ICCRC will not be accepting any new Immigration Practitioner Program (IPP) Accreditation Applications under the Manual for Accrediting IPPs, at the current time. Information will be updated on the ICCRC website when the application process resumes.

Manual for Accrediting IPPs


IPP Accreditation Package

Form 1: IPP Accreditation Application
Form 2: Individual Course Information Form
Form 3: Mandatory Categories Competencies
Form 4: Course Curriculum
Form 5: Instructors Chart
Form 6: Notification of Change(s) to Accredited IPP

Report Card