Congratulations on passing the ICCRC RCIC Entry-to-Practice-Exam!

You are now eligible to apply to become a member of the Council and licensed as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). Please note that you are not an RCIC yet!
In order to complete the next phase of the application process it will be necessary for you to complete and return the following documents in hardcopy original form to ICCRC headquarters by mail or courier:
  1. Complete and sign the CERTIFICATE/LICENCE MAILING CONFIRMATION [download]


  3. Complete and declare before a commissioner, the STATUTORY DECLARATION – BACKGROUND AND GOOD CONDUCT[download]

  4. Complete and declare before a commissioner, the STATUTORY DECLARATION – PLACES OF RESIDENCE [download] and submit all original POLICE CERTIFICATES. Refer to the Registration Guide for further details. All required certificates must be received and reviewed by ICCRC as part of your good character check before you will be approved for membership and licensure.

  5. Complete and declare before a commissioner, the STATUTORY DECLARATION – AGREEMENT TO REGULATION download]

  6. Complete and sign the MEMBERSHIP DUES METHOD OF PAYMENT – annual or quarterly [download]

  7. After reviewing the section of the Registration Guide concerning selecting a business name, and completing your initial business name searches, complete and sign the SELECTING A BUSINESS NAME form listing your proposed business names for the Registrar to consider [download].
Once your business name has been approved you must send a photocopy of your business registration whether as an employee (letter of employment), a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation (copy of government business registration or articles of incorporation).
When your application is complete and correct, the registration staff will present your complete file to the Registrar for consideration. Once the Registrar approves your application and signs your Letter of Authority, the registration department staff will advise you that you have been admitted as a member of the Council and:
  • the accounting department will send you an invoice by e-mail for your initial prorated membership dues (from your date of admission until June 30 and then annually thereafter),
  • the webmaster will add your name to the online register of member,
  • the designated insurance broker will contact you directly by e-mail concerning purchasing your professional errors & omissions insurance, and
  • the registration department will add your name to the list of new members to receive your official membership certificate.
Please note that these steps are completed separately by different people/departments several days after you receive notice that you have been approved (Letter of Authority). Please be patient.
As a final reminder, the passing grade on your recent ICCRC RCIC Entry-to-Practice Exam is only valid for four months (120 days) from when you received your exam results notice. If you delay applying for membership you could be required to re-take the examination.

If you have any questions about the next step and applying for ICCRC membership, please contact the registration department at