Notices of Upcoming Hearings

ICCRC’s Notice of Hearing informs our members and the public of the complaints against a member that a panel of the Discipline Committee will be considering at a Hearing. Hearings are either in writing or oral.

Oral Hearings are open to the public, unless the panel orders part or all of a hearing to be closed.

Oral Hearings are held at ICCRC’s offices unless a different place is shown in the hearing notice.

Dates of both Oral and Written Hearings may have to be changed at any time. Anyone planning to attend an Oral Hearing should check the Current Hearing Schedule on our website before going to the Hearing. ICCRC has the capacity to have up to eight visitors in the Hearing. For this reason anyone wanting to attend a Hearing should notify ICCRC’s Complaints and Professional Standards Department at of their desired attendance at least 2 days before the Hearing. Visitors will be permitted to attend a Hearing on a first come basis depending on ICCRC’s receipt of notification of a visitor’s intention to attend a Hearing.

Visitors to Hearings (including the media) are prohibited from carrying into the Discipline Hearing Room any audio/visual equipment (including video cameras, still photography equipment, laptop computers and tape recorders) and from using such equipment or mobile phones to record any part of the Hearing.

Negashwar Yendamuri, R423199 – Restrictions of Practice

Kenny Tam, R420127 – March 7 and 8, 2016 – Oral Hearing